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My Story

"Welcome Dreamers"

I'm Jade, owner and creator of Cordially Invited company. My Passion is and has always been to make an occasion out of every situation. I don't do anything 'just a little bit' I'm known by my friends and family to go a little OTT (however they always ask me to plan their events).

Cordially Invited Company was created during a global pandemic and during Lockdown in which case most events were cancelled. 2020 was set to be a big year for birthdays and events for my friends and family. Whether it was my friends wedding getting cancelled, my sister celebrating her 21st birthday in lockdown or us not being able to throw my best friend a baby shower, All of the above has contributed to me being  determined to make events extra special again as soon as we can.

I love pretty things and i love being able to provide my clients with unforgettable memories. I am all for a jaw dropping Instagram photo opportunity and love leaving guests with a lasting impression of delight from an awesome event.

I can help you with your adventure to bringing your vision to life. I try to satisfy any request if its not already within my galleries. Feel free to contact me and I can create bespoke packages to suit any event.

Lots of Love 




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